We also wire custom homes. It
is our goal to make sure you the
customer is 100% satisfied with
our work.

Quality is our primary concern.
We only use Square D type QO
circuit breaker panels. Yes they
may cost more but isn't the
safety of your family worth it?          Whether it is the fact that
        the wires are neatly stapled,
        or the way the holes are
        drilled in straight line, when
        a person walks into one of
        our jobs for the first time,  

(even if they have never seen
a new home rough wire), they
leave knowing the quality of
our work. Our philosophy is:
          "If you have taken the time to
        make it look first-class, then
        you have taken the time to
        make it first-class." 

We would like the opportunity to earn your business, and to serve you. Please, contact us for your
free written estimate.