We also provide networking and phone solutions, custom taylored to meet your business needs. Below are photographs of United Employment Associates network rack and equipment. This particular job was completed as an over night transfer. We began at 5 pm and completed wiring terminations at 4 am for both phone and data networking portions of the job.


   Here are photographs of U.E.A.'s Lucent Partner System after we it removed the system from their previous location. We then transported it to their new office and installed and wired it in their new data closet. We then completed the installation process by testing and bringing their entire system online.  

Currently we are working with Primetech Security  in the deveopement and implimentation of a brand new Digital PBX system in our own office. We are utilizing VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) due to the cost not only of the system, but also the ease of installation as well as the cost savings of Voip over traditional phone services.